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Maintain My Smile

Between your current brushing habits and our specialized equipment and skilled knowledge you're on the path to dental success. Keeping to your routine checkups and bright white cleanings you will be very happy with your smile.

Dental Veneers

Here at Diablo Hills Dental, each of our patients receive a thorough exam at their routine appointments. Our exam includes screening for oral cancer, a gum health evaluation , a soft tissue exam and a health history comparison.

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Home Care Tips

Proper daily brushing and flossing technique are the best way to maintain good oral health. Ask our hygienist today for a demonstration and detailed tips.

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Dental Sealants

Sealants are a proven way to help prevent cavities. Although sealants do not take the place of proper oral hygiene, they do prevent bacteria from getting into the deeper crevices in a tooth's biting surface and therefore keeping the tooth cavity-free.

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Poor gum health, left unchecked can lead to health concerns or complicate existing ones. If you are experiencing gum disease a healthy relationship between you, your hygienist, and Dr. Palano is imperative to manage and or control this condition.

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Scaling And Planing

Tooth scaling removes plaque and tartar which are loaded with bacteria. After scaling the tooth roots may need to be planed to smooth the root surface so the soft tissue will re-attach itself to a smooth tooth surface.

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