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Frequently Asked Questions

Although Antioch Dentist, Dr. Palano is a highly qualified cosmetic dentist he is also a superb general dentist. In fact one cannot be an excellent cosmetic dentist without having a strong foundation in general dentistry. That is because a beautiful smile must first be a healthy smile. Dr. Palano has many years of general dentistry experience and can give you reliable and long-lasting results.

He and his dental staff offer a full array of general dentistry procedures and can give you world-class dental service with a friendly and personal approach. Our office is welcoming and pleasant and when you come for your free consultation we will listen to your goals and concerns and answer all your questions clearly. We offer many comfort amenities such as neck pillows and warm blankets.

What is cosmetic dentistry?

The term cosmetic dentistry refers to all procedures used to improve your smile. This includes porcelain veneers, bridges, crowns, teeth whitening, bonding, and white fillings.

How do I know if cosmetic dentistry is right for me?

First, take a look at your smile. If you don’t like what you see (discoloration, crooked or missing teeth, etc.), then we recommend you schedule a consultation. We can discuss your options so you can make an informed decision about cosmetic dentistry and whether it is something you want to pursue.

Can I have my old silver fillings replaced even if they aren’t falling out?

It is definitely more appealing to see white when you smile rather than the silver fillings so many people have. Your silver fillings usually last 5 to 8 years and will eventually need to be replaced. If your primary concern is the color and the filling is in good shape, there are other options such as white fillings or porcelain inlays.

I have a cavity that needs filling. Is there an alternative to the silver fillings?

White fillings are quickly replacing the old silver fillings that are part mercury. Although both kinds of fillings serve the same purpose, white fillings are more cosmetically appealing.

The only thing wrong with my smile is my yellow teeth. What can I do?

We offer several different teeth whitening options that can be done in our office or in the privacy of your own home. To determine which option is best suited for your needs, we recommend you contact our office to schedule an initial consultation.

What is the difference between a crown and a bridge?

Both crowns and bridges are referred to as restorative dentistry. They are used to return your teeth to their desired look and stability. A crown is used when a single tooth is damaged. A bridge is used when more than one tooth is missing. Crowns and bridges both add stability to the surrounding teeth and give your smile a more beautiful look.

Can porcelain veneers cover up the gaps in my smile?

Definitely. Porcelain veneers are specifically designed to cover gaps, chips, permanent stains, misshapen teeth and washed out fillings. The thin porcelain veneers are instant orthodontics and will give you the beautiful smile you desire.

Do you offer calming medication for anxious patients?

Yes, we offer sedation dentistry. If you have had difficult experiences in the past, we understand the anxiety that can create. Dr. Palano offers oral sedation that will relax you throughout your visit with us and you will be able to leave feeling refreshed and satisfied. If you have been postponing a dental visit, some soothing medication will enable Dr. Palano to accomplish more for you in one visit, which will reduce the number of visits you might otherwise have needed to catch up your dental care.

My last crown came off after two months. How durable is Dr. Palano's dental work?

General dentistry is an art as well as a science and a detail-oriented dentist like Dr. Palano achieves more long-lasting results than is possible from a hurried procedure. We use only the highest-quality dental materials and we take as much time as required to give you the best possible work. A dental crown must be well-planned from the start and it must be well-crafted by the dental laboratory. Then it must be meticulously fitted and bonded to the tooth. We will never compromise on your safety or on the quality of dental work we give you.

I want to understand any dental work done for me. Will Dr. Palano explain it clearly?

Yes. When you come for your free consultation, you and Dr. Palano can discuss all the options. He will listen to your concerns and answer your questions and will ask his own questions in order to understand clearly what you would like to have done. When you and he have determined the best way forward he will explain what each procedure is and why it is a good option for you. No work will be done until you feel confident that you understand its purpose and necessity.

What financing assistance do you offer for general dentistry?

Diablo Hills Dental Excellence prides ourselves on being able to provide each and every patient with dental services to achieve their individual needs and goals. Contact our office to have our front desk discuss with you our convenient payment options and our payment partner CareCredit. Please see our page on financing for more information.

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