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Free Consultation
& Second Opinion

Dr. Palano believes that the most important time that you and he will spend in his office is the initial consultation.

If you have ever been frustrated because you feel that your concerns haven't been heard or your recommended solutions are not what you want? Come experience the Diablo Hills Dental difference.

Dr. Palano's guarantee to you is that each solution is individual and represents the best value available to achieve your desired result. At Diablo Hills Dental Excellence, we like to present options. We like our patients to have choices.

Consultations are free for new clients and for existing clients that have requested advice on how best to improve their smile.

General Dentist, Dr. Palano and his team, will spend the time necessary with you in your initial consultation to understand exactly what it is you want to accomplish. They are dedicated to providing you with the treatment that is in the best interest of your health, your appearance and your budget. They will provide you with a plan that represents the best value available for your solution.