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Enhance My Smile

Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you, and a bright, healthy smile will not only significantly enhance your appearance, but also greatly boost your self-esteem. Dr. Palano believes that a beautiful smile not only enhances your appearance, but your self-confidence and your life. Dr. Palano will work to ensure that you achieve the smile of your dreams.

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Choosing A Cosmetic Dentist

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Teeth Whitening

Diablo Hills Dental Excellence in Antioch offers both single-visit teeth whitening and take-home teeth whitening kits to brighten stained, discolored, or dull looking teeth.

I Want Whiter Teeth

We can fix minor cosmetic dental problems such as closing small gaps between teeth, adding tooth length, chips, or change the overall shape of a tooth by bonding a special resin to your tooth. Bonding is the least expensive dental procedure that can fix such issues compared to porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns.

I Need Dental Bonding
Dental Veneers

Porcelain veneers are an alternative procedure favored by patients who want a straight and bright smile without hassle of braces. Your new smile can be achieved in as little as one appointment.

I Want Porcelain Veneers

We can correct many orthodontic problems without the hassle of traditional braces by using Invisalign! With no wires or brackets, Invisalign comfortably and invisibly straightens your teeth while allowing you to eat the foods you love and to brush and floss like you normally would.

I Want Straight Teeth
Smile Makeovers

If you have ever thought that the smile of your favorite movie star is beyond your reach, that dream is now a reality. The remarkably affordable, quick and permanent solution can give you a new lease on life with a smile makeover. Call us today for a free consultation.

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Tooth Colored Fillings

The only filling material offered at Diablo Hills Dental Excellence is tooth colored fillings. These fillings are bonded to the tooth for exceptional restorations without the mercury and metal colored old fillings.

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Laser Treatments

With our laser therapy we can treat cold sores,canker sores, gum line, gum disease, and other periodontal issues that previously required more invasive procedure. Laser therapy can eliminate pain and recovery time.

Laser Treatments